AMICOS is a great platform to connect with fellow Mar Ivanios College alumini and share our experiences and memories. I have attended many events organized by AMICOS and enjoyed the camaraderie and friendship of the community. AMICOS also supports the college and its students through various initiatives and awards. I am proud to be a part of AMICOS.

Bishop Samuel Irenios Kattukallil

Being a member of AMICOS has been a rewarding and enriching experience for me. I have learned a lot from the diverse and talented alumni network and benefited from the mentoring and career guidance offered by AMICOS. I have also participated in many social and cultural events hosted by AMICOS and had a lot of fun and entertainment. AMICOS is more than just an alumni association, it is a family.

Bishop Mathews Mar Poly Carpos

I joined AMICOS to stay in touch with my alma mater and my batchmates. I was pleasantly surprised by the range and quality of activities and programs that AMICOS offers to its members. From professional development to personal growth, from cultural festivals to charitable causes, AMICOS has something for everyone. AMICOS is a dynamic and vibrant organization that celebrates the spirit and values of Mar Ivanios College.

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- AMICOS is an amazing platform for the alumni of Mar Ivanios College to stay updated and engaged with each other. I have gained a lot of insights and inspiration from the alumni stories and achievements that AMICOS showcases. I have also contributed to the college and its students through the various initiatives and scholarships that AMICOS supports. AMICOS is a valuable and meaningful association that I cherish.

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- Joining AMICOS was one of the best decisions I made after graduating from Mar Ivanios College. AMICOS has helped me to stay in touch with my classmates and professors and to make new friends and contacts among the alumni. I have also attended many educational and motivational events that AMICOS conducts for its members. AMICOS is a lively and active organization that fosters the spirit and vision of Mar Ivanios College.

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- I am grateful to AMICOS for keeping me connected with my Mar Ivanios College friends and mentors. AMICOS has provided me with many opportunities to network, learn, and grow with the alumni community. I have also enjoyed the cultural and recreational events that AMICOS organizes for its members. AMICOS is a wonderful way to celebrate the legacy and heritage of Mar Ivanios College.

Abey George, Former AMICOS President